We produce memorable, cinematic films for worldwide distribution on all platforms


Truth Department is announcing an exciting opportunity to invest in the future of cinematic documentary films.

Over the last decade and more, the audience’s appetite for independent documentary films has grown enormously, fed by the growth of event cinema and the rise of streamers.  We have proven to have the nous to spot and develop the cinematic potential of real life stories brought to us by filmmakers.  Indeed, Truth Department is the only production house in Wales dedicated to the craft and business of this burgeoning form.

We work with talented directors to develop their films, then take the packaged films to our extensive network in the global market to raise the necessary production finance, along the way marketing the film to sales agents and distributors, and ultimately, audiences.  As documentary films generally cost much less to develop and produce than fiction films, the recoupment and profit potential is all the greater.

We currently raise our development finance from scarce and highly-competitive public sources and subsequently have to turn down promising projects from talented directors.  This puts a brake on our potential to work with new directors on their films and to grow the business.   With the backing of investors, Truth Department can add more films to our slate thereby increasing the flow of films through the pipeline from development, through production, marketing and worldwide distribution.

If you are interested in joining us on this exciting new phase in Truth Department’s development, please feel free to set up a call or meeting with the Company Director Dewi Gregory, or simply register your interest here so you can be notified when the SEIS prospectus is published.