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Donna (2021)

Lip-synching in downtown bars, late-blooming performer Donna Personna is sustained by undimmed aspirations and fond memories of her estranged siblings.

Lochgoilhead Forever (2021)

A personal film by emerging Cardiff talent Liam Martin, Lochgoilhead Forever embarks on its festival career in the summer of 2021.

Stretch (2018)

Developed in Scotland and shot in Italy, it was a great pleasure to see this film win plaudits back home in Wales.

The Borneo Case (2016)

This globetrotting co-production with Sweden landed in the Masters Section of Europe’s pre-eminent documentary festival.

Orion: The Man Who Would Be King (2015)

Working with artist-turned-filmmaker Jeanie Finlay also proved to be a masterclass in producing, with awards to boot.